Is been a long 8 month, still I haven’t had a single moment to settle down… I don’t know how to describe my 2009, a sad, memorable year??? As I have mention in my previous post, 2009 started off pretty horrible for me and my family.

After 4 month battled with cancer, my sister in law passed away peacefully on August 2009. It was really difficult time for us that she had left us so soon. I was about 29 week pregnant then, with the loss of my sister in law and the pressure from work, I try to stay calm for my babies but deep in I feel very very upset that I wasn’t able to do much to help her.

On the morning of September 11th, the stress have effected my babies, my water bag start to leaked and the doctor decided to take them out for the best. I was so worried cause I have a scan few day ago, that my boy is till very small in weight, but the doctor have ensure me is very safe to take them out. One hour later, I have a boy, James and a girl, Chloe.

Soon after they born, Chloe have to rush to ICU due to immature lung and James have to stay in warm incubator cause of low birth weight. It was so painful to see them suffer like that but thank god, they are fine and fit to go home with me after 3 week later.

For the next few month, regardless of how stressful taking care of them (due to the low birth weight, they tend to be more fussy then full term baby). we are overjoy by their arrived and we begin to planned for their first Christmas party… But a week before the Christmas, we have to drop everything, leaving my twin to my family care and flow back to England for my mother in law. She was in a very bad condition, the doctor told us she will not live through the Christmas. However, when we arrived, she seem fine with high spirit… She passed away 5 day after we back from England…we were so glad we were  there for her last Christmas.

Things happened so fast for the past 8 month…., slowly we back to our daily routine but it will never be the same again. The twin are pretty hands full, I hardly have a free time for myself but I do make sure I still keep knitting….in a very very slow manner.

Chloe have develop a strawberry mark/hemangioma three week after her birth, but doctor advice not to do anything, just leave it and let it go off by itself…lucky it stopped growing last month, hopes will disappear soon.

I been busy knitting for my babies lately. However I have limited choice of project due to the weather here, not much things I could knit except some toys, booties ..or maybe hats.  Since is a very good way to burn my stash… I guess for the next few post you will be seeing a lot of babies knit…


Again, due to the weather here choosing yarn for the babies item is another things have to be taking into consideration. I have use Rowan cotton tape from my stash to knit these cute little bear because of it texture ( soft, cooling ) and the most important it won’t splits, so.. when the babies start chewing, they will not swallow the little threads from the split. In my mind these bear is quite small since on the pattern said Baby Bobbi Bear ….but …it came out as big as a new born babies…I guess it will be a displays for awhile before they can play with it.


Pattern : Baby Bobbi Bear
Yarn : Rowan Cotton Tape ( discontinue)
Yardage : about 3 ball for each
Needle : 5.5mm



This shawl is so lovely to knit, the pattern keep me going all the way without feeling bored. I have admire this pattern for so long but every time I go through the pattern it does scare me off, it look so complicated and confuse but once you cast on it is not as hard as you think in fact is a fantastic project.

I keep very close eye on the amount of yarn I used from the beginning until the end, hope that I could use every inch of my yarn without any leftover…ahhh… I still miscalculated at the end. I have about 20 % of yarn leftover after the last chart, but I was too lazy to frog it, so I just leave it the way it is and lucky it turn out large enough for me to wrap around my shoulder.


The pattern is quite flexible, you can either add on or reduce the pattern chart as you go, just have reserve certain amount of yarn to complete the edging.  I love the texture on the star chart which I increase the repeat to 10,  as I knit along the blossom chart I was so worry that I run out of yarn, I couldn’t really work out the math… I end up with 5 repeat only ( I should trust my weight scale).


I spend 3 hour blocking the shawl but at the end I decided not to block  on the edging, I prefer a more rounded and natural curl edge, so instead of pin on edge to form a sharp point, I pinned on the pattern before the last bind off row and just let it dry. The Yarn was so thin before the bath, I was so worry it won’t stretch much.  Fortunately, it bloom like a flower right after hitting the water and stretch out nicely to the prefect size. I am so glad I finally gives this shawl a go…it really worth the effort.


Pattern : Laminaria
Yarn : avril Handspun/dye silk H9915
Yardage : about 800+ yard
Needle : 3.75mm

Yes…i am still breathing, I know I have neglected this blog for so long. I have try update it sooner but things happen and it hit us like a lighting storm, one after another. As I mention the year didn’t start off very good for us, we found out that my dad had cancer at the beginning of the year, the news have hit us hard. However, the doctor is very optimistic about his case and have his cancer remove few month ago and he is cancer free now, at the same time…I have found out I am pregnant with twin….yes twin..We were so happy and overjoy with all the good news.

But..things didn’t turn out as you plan it… one of my dear family member found out she have cancer and is the finally stage.. even the best doctor in the country don’t dare to draw any conclusion to her illness.  The news have turn everyone world up side down and the worst part is she is young, very young… with 2 kids.

As for my pregnancy, “touch wood” I finally gets through the first 14 week of morning sickness, tired and miserable. I have not touch any knitting at all until 3 week ago, which my mood slowly come back and I feel more alive as myself.

bump17bump at 17 week

I started to clear out my WIP but a few of my WIP top I can’t really complete it as my figure is growing bigger, I can’t try it on and adjust to fit. So far, I have finish one of the scarf I work on since last year- Phiaro scraf from Knitscene, the pattern are really easy but extreme brain less TV knit. I knitted as far as I could hang on to it,  the finished scarf is a bit small from what I expect, however after wash and block, it turn out not bad at all.



Pattern : Phiaro Scarf
Yarn : Olympus precious
Yardage : 5 ball
Needle : 3.5mm

jessHello and happy 2009, oops..hopes I wasn’t to late to greet all of you.. I been extremely busy and start off the year with serious flu…and other bad news,  hope and pray will be better soon.. Anyway, please meet our new family member Jessie!!!  After very long consideration, yup.. I decided to get my hb a puppy as a Christmas present instead of a hand knit jumper..hehe less work for me!

Well as for my knitting progress didn’t go too well, I am still stuck with all the WIP, some lacking one sleeve and some still sitting in the drawer..but I am still knitting, just a bit slower then usual.

At the other hand, I finally try my hand on book binding, I been wanting to learn how to bind a leather book since I saw it 10 years ago in Spain.  I been looking up and down in Barcelona last year trying to buy one but no luck, just can’t really remember which shop.

Anyway, after doing some research online, I decided to bind my own book instead and ..I really enjoy it. I still at very beginning stage trying to figure out different type of stitching/binding technique, and still trying to get the right material especially the the waxed linen thread which are no very popular over here and most online shop is only willing to send by global express which the shipping cost is much more expensive then the thread. :(


The different of stitching I experiment with :)


The finish products…all been claim..hehe , I quite happy with the outcome but still have to do more research on the material and hopefully can find some really unique leather next round.


I am working on rather small and quick project lately, which make me feel more relax. Of course, I still have a couple of big WIP on my hand which I have put on aside temporary until….I get back my knitting mood. I been eyeing on Liesl by Ysolda for quite a while, but keep thinking it the lace will take long time to complete. To my surprise it took me less then a week to complete the top, the pattern is so well written.


I use double strand of Olympus Cotton Novia trying to get the right gauge, some how my gauge still on the small side. I had to cast on the L size, it work out a bit tight on the waist line and I tried to block it by steam iron it….hmmm not a good idea after all. The whole top become too loose and I have to re wash it and tumble dry it… thank god, it shrink back to what it was.


Pattern : Liesl by Ysolda
Yarn : Olympus Cotton Novia
Yardage : 6 ball
Needle : 6mm


Is been awhile I update my blog, mainly because I mess up my Garthered Cardigan AND Phiaro scarf ( found out too short when finished). My progress of knitting when rock bottom, I have no mood to knit or I keep frogging the project I work on. I start looking through my stash to find inspiration and I found 3 skein of Recycle Sari Silk I brought a year ago in Spain. I know I would not in my life time wearing it if make into scarf…is way too colorful and hairy to my taste, don’t get me wrong, I do love the color but just not on my body haha…

Last week, I brought some bag frame from Meowcraft, when it arrived I know it will be perfect for the  Sari Silk. The only to minimized the screaming affect is to crochet instead of knit it, I begin to test it, and I just couldn’t stop. It only took me a few day to crochet it but the lining almost drive me up the wall, maybe is my crappy mini sewing machine, the thread keep breaking for no reason (.. sewing is just not my game). However, after insert the bag frame, I am quite please with it.

Pattern : Crayon Clutch
Yarn : Recycled Sari Silk
Yardage : 1.5 skein
Hook: 3.5mm

lousy lining…is way too big

We took off work to Cameron Highland for a little break two week ago, the hotel is lovely but the weather are wet, froggy and cold ….actually we love it, thats what we hoping for, to get away from the heat in the city.

We managed to take a short trip to the nearby forest for a walk before the rain hit again on the next morning, and I forgot how much I love the forest..hmmm I think the very last trip I went to the forest is more then 10 years ago. I feel so calm and relax when we were in the forest, I don’t mind the leech or mosquito, but my husband is a bit freak out by that…oops, I forget to tell him wear long pants!!

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